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Geoff Hodgson & Jeannette Owens - North Wales / Wirral
On the second year in, Geoff and Jeanette scooped up an amazing contract to decorate the UK's biggest designer outlet village. Being their second year the job was done as a joint venture with head office who also invited a couple of neighbouring franchisees to help out.  The overall value of the job was 208,000 and was installed over two time frames.  The first fix was over 5000ft of roofline lighting and took a week of night shifts to complete. The second fix was early in November and included 4000ft of garland, 120 wreaths and over 45 trees were branch wrapped. Geoff was very proud when he was driving to a job and listening to the radio only to hear "If you want to see the best decorations around you need to get to Cheshire Oaks." A further 40,000 worth of extras are already on order for 2012.

Alison Hughes - Shropshire

Alison's impressive client list came to her in her very first year. After just hearing that she had landed a contract with Alton Towers, she  called us to tell about how she'd just been awarded Bentley Motors headquarters! After impressing the marketing departments of both companies Alison got to work making hundreds of feet of decorated garland which was installed on time and on budget delighting both clients.

Gavin & Debbie Stirrup - Manchester
Gavin being a sharp businessman and Debbie being one of the best Christmas Decorators in the UK make a formidable team and supply decorations to the regions high rollers including many premiership footballers.  In 2010 head office received a cry for help from Gavin. His problem was that he was fully booked for his second Christmas and he couldn't get on with his work because the second he would put the phone down it would ring again right away. Gavin wanted us to "turn off" his website.  All franchises are given their own unique website offering a local feel to their potential clients.  While the site is engineered for natural search engine optimisation, franchisees are also offered the opportunity for a Pay-per-click campaign should they choose.  Of course  when you are number one on Google for "Christmas decorating business" and 5000 people in the Manchester region type this in over a 2 month period you're bound to be busy.  We switched off Gavin's site for the remaining few weeks of the install period and Gav and Deb got all their jobs done.

Paul & Vicky Lally
Paul Lally was a fireman and his wife Vicky a model.  They both loved Christmas and had a challenge when they stayed in Orlando at Christmas and couldn't find anyone to decorate their villa for their arrival.

Paul stumbled across The Christmas Decorators by accident while driving past the Liverpool office one day. Next thing you know Paul and Vicky were customers having the outside of their house lit. Living in the upmarket Lancashire village of Formby, their home gained a lot of attention.

Head office received a call from Paul one day saying that he wanted to learn more about the business and stating "I used to watch the TV in my shorts and I can't anymore since I have to answer the door every 10 minutes to someone wanting to know who decorated my house!".  The rest is history...Paul and Vicky now decorate trees for the local town councils around their territory as well as many footballers homes including Steven Gerard, Andy Carrol and some of the wealthiest business people in the north of England.

For Christmas 2012 Paul will be decorating for The Ability Group who own a billion pound portfolio of Hotels throughout the UK, luckily for Paul most of which are in presently un-occupied franchise territories.

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