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The Christmas Decorators is a national company that supplies and installs spectacular Christmas decorations and Christmas lights to homes and businesses both indoors and outdoors.  Commercial clients include hotels, spas, golf clubs, car showrooms, retail stores, bars, restaurants, offices, local authorities, shopping arcades and shopping centres. Residential clients range from large homes belonging to wealthy folk to smaller homes whose owners who want to make Christmas special for the family and friends.  We install Christmas decorations during November and December and then come back to take them down and store away in January.  Customers can choose to rent or buy the decorations from us.

The business was started by Liverpool couple Nick and Sarah Bolton whilst living in Colorado in 1999.  The business was brought to the UK in 2005 when Nick and Sarah returned home.  After an experimental first Christmas to prove that Brits would take to the concept, the business was further developed after an overwhelming success. 

After the second Christmas, turnover of £118,000, certain problem areas were addressed in order to make the third Christmas run more smoothly.  These problems were; how possible was it to be in London one day, Edinburgh the next and then Birmingham the day after when the business was based in Liverpool? What do we do about enquiries in Bristol from someone only wanting to spend £850 yet requiring a visit from us?  How do we control the cost of having to accommodate staff  in hotels whilst working away and how do we charge clients for having 3 staff  travel for 4 hours to get to and from a job for installs and takedowns? What happens when lights need maintenance on a customerís house that is on the other side of the country?  How do we eventually grow the business so that we can fulfil the demand?  How can we respond to phone calls approximately every 5 minutes when we are out installing decorations?

With all these issues to resolve, we hadnít even heard of franchising or knew what it really meant until we consulted with Franchise Development Services at a business convention.  What led us to franchising the business was the simple fact that franchising addressed all our problems. After vigorous assessments and consultation it was decided that the business model could be duplicated and therefore made franchisable.

We have now been franchising since 2007 and have 20 areas of the UK and Ireland franchised.

We will be fully franchised by 2015.

There are currently 20 franchised areas

We add between 5 and 7 new franchisees per year

The economy hasn't affected our business in the slightest with 2011 seeing a combined turnover of just under £2million

In 2011 one of our franchises did £213,000 in sales in their second year of operating

In 2011 one franchise doubled their 1st years expected sales

Non of our franchises have ever failed

In 2011 one of our franchisees installed the decorations for the McDonalds Christmas TV commercial

There is no other Christmas franchise in Europe

Some of our residential clients include Sir Jackie Stewart, Lord Windsor, Wayne & Coleen Rooney, John Terry, Phil & Julie Neville, Steven Gerard & Alex Curran, Jason Manford, Dirk Kuyt, Guy Ritchie, The Prince of Qatar and the world's most expensive address at One Hyde Park.

Some of our commercial clients include Hilton Hotels, McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Villages, O2, Stenna, Dublin Airport, The Brompton Club, Savills, Broadgate Estates, Q Hotels, Claridges of Mayfair, UK Land Securities, Bentley Motors, Alton Towers, Candy & Candy, to name just a few.

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